Quality Politics


The management of VITROVAL S.L., company dedicated to “Design and supply jars and glass bottles”, wants to stablish the goals of the company trought this document with the finality of : 

  • We wants to make sure than we grow and improve the service for satisfying all the requirements for both parts, all rules and laws applicable.
  • Provide a reference framework to establish and review quality goals.
  • The interested parties will perceive our continuous improvement.
  • Reach an elevated grade of loyalty of the interested parties.
  • Achieve the company working together to reach the perfect quality, mentoring all staff to make the goals, complising with the general work system, permiting reach the company goals satisfaing and loyalty of the customer, complising the requiremts of the customer.

For this and having the reference of the quality politics we establish the next directives : 

  • The management will accomplish the quality politics, goals and will lead the deployment and implementation of the quality system looking forward new ways to make it better and faster.
  • The staff will fulfill the procedures and manuals we had provided, acting always evaluating the risk.
  • Continued contact with the interested parties to know his needs and adapting to them.
  • Achieve the grade of training of our staff to have a better personal satisfaction , a better work status and at the same time giving a better service provision.

Our organization use a methodology of risk evaluation to prevent posibles non conformities of the quality politics.