Packaging Trends

Packaging Trends

Packaging trends for glass bottles

When we launch a new product the most important is a good visibility valour in our packaging. Is for this every time the companies are investing more to try to find more client giving a newly image charged with senses.

The packaging has the capacity to transmit and transform any product, is for that from Vitroval we dont do a develop of a new product without have in mind the sensations you will want give to the final client.

From last years the new technologies  and innovation give the chance to increment the possibilities of the companies have at this time before launch a new product

Label, serigrafie,matted, biodegradable carton flexible , water based ink, cover and UV finish …Nowadays have a lot possibilities on the market

When we have all this possibilities. ¿Which are the trends who are giving nowadays the packaging market?

We will like to talk about some of them:

  • Minimalist label : Small and easy labels leaving protagonist to shapes and glass engraved.
  • Engraving: Reliefs and engraved glass for jars and bottles.
  • Paint and serigrafie : If exist a trend who linked paint and serigradie, but just for spirits and liquor bottles.
  • Sustainable Packaging: The major trend is minimize waste, make it easy to separate, definitely foment the conscience for global ecology

This are just some of the world packaging trends for glass bottles and jars.

If you are planning to change or refresh your product image, remember Vitroval is always ready for help you with your launch in our email