Jar ¿How to choose it?

Jar ¿How to choose it?

¿Trying to choose your new jar but you don’t know the relevant factors to choose it?

Probably after get back from holidays your company is plannig to update the product image. New labels, diferent packaging, change the jar giving new actual design giving a new image. We will help you to know the relevant factors you need to decide for update your product image.


Closure :

One of the most used closure jar nowadays is the denominated ‘Twist Off’ but also you can have a new vision using ‘clip top’ jars, or ‘Deep twist’ closure.


Clip Top, Vintage and reusable give a homemade design blocking air to come in preventing spoiled food

Deep Twist, always elegant with a perfect view to pack gourmet or premium products.

Analyze all possibilities, know your limitations and get advice about the best lid for your product


Capacity :

¿Which capacity do you need exactly?


Nowadays we can find jars with the capacity the customer needs, we got jars from 32ml till 4000 ml with differents shapes, lids and finish

Play with the shapes to get a better visual capacity of your product.


Packaging : 

Analyze all label market trends and innovation.

We got differents shapes and finish to can give your product a bright design with prestige and all the quality always characterized us

Mind the surfaces to prevent problems with the label machines.