Commitment, trust and empathy

Our philosophy is based on the values we have chosen as a team and which are evident in
our daily actions. We have the clarity that our human talent is Vitroval, which
makes us a fully COMMITTED team in the glass packaging sector. We know
that they choose us because of the CONFIDENCE we convey. It has been earned thanks to the bond
we create with the client when providing our service, a completely close and EMPATHIC service
We sincerely know that our most valuable asset is the people who trust us.

Our beginnins

We are now in the third generation of a family originating from the interior of the Comunidad Valenciana (L’Olleria). The grandfather Joaquin, a passionate and enterprising man, started with the work of washing bottles and weaving baskets. His son Francisco was the driving force and visionary who grew the business to the point where Vitroval became recognised in the glass industry. Ignacio grew up seeing glass bottles, listening and learning about the business from a young age. It was a few years ago that he decided to continue with this project that was created from the strength and vision of his paternal lineage. Vitroval now has a history of more than 35 years and wants to continue growing, innovating and leaving a mark that lasts over time.

Get to know us better

Do you want to be one of us?


We are a proactive team with initiative. We are constantly training in both technical knowledge and soft skills for continuous improvement.


We like to celebrate our achievements, enjoying together in an authentic way. Exploring different places and activities, getting out of the day-to-day and creating bonds that forge our relationship beyond work.


We promote human talent, we are committed to capable and prepared people. If you are interested and want to join our team we invite you to send us your curriculum in the following form

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